Allow me to introduce myself.

10 Feb

I don’t claim to have a discerning palate. I’m not a critic nor an experienced cook. I can’t tell the difference between coriander and cumin.

But I am hungry and eager to learn.

I moved from Florida to Washington, DC 2 years ago. Before the move, my culinary experiences in the kitchen were things like heating Easy Mac in the oven.  I grew up thinking Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster were the best things I could get in a restaurant. Food to me comprised of chain restaurants and quick fixes.

Upon moving to DC, however, I discovered food beyond the “Olive Garden” in lovely local gems around the city. Food can be fresh, unique, multi-faceted and even more delicious than I had tasted before. Eating can be an experience and a discovery.

I realized I wanted to become a better cook at home not long after I discovered DC’s blossoming restaurant scene. I should be able to eat good (and well) in my own home. And so should the family I hope to start one day.

So I’m starting from scratch, just like almost all the recipes I’ll be posting here. No more boxed brownies or frozen pastas (although I can’t turn down the occasional shortcut).  Just as I try new recipes, I’ll continue trying new restaurants here in DC, and give you all the word on those.

I hope you take the time to try these new culinary adventures with me, and of course, leave me notes on what you think.

The Novice Nosher


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