Kitchen Education

30 Jul

For novice home cooks like myself, I can use any lesson available. I’ve both researched and stumbled upon several bars and restaurants in the DC metro area that not only serve great food and drinks, but show you how to make them.

Back in February, I wrote about my and The Bf’s experience at Culinaerie, one of DC’s culinary classrooms. I loved both the class and the food, so the $85 was totally worth it; you learn so much more that Food Network or most cookbooks don’t teach you, since it comes learning a recipe and learning chefs techniques.

I recently wrote a list for CitysearchDC that includes spots like Culinaerie as well as actual restaurants that offer cooking classes regularly to patrons. Most classes don’t cost more than $100 (actually the most expensive I found was $100), and usually last for about 2 hours. So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. I’ve always believed an education is the best thing you can buy, so why not buy a lesson you can recreate at home?

To check out my list, click below:


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