NosherNote: Stock vs. Broth

3 Nov

When I was making my butternut squash soup recipe, I realized I had both chicken broth and chicken stock. Though I didn’t have enough of either to suffice alone, I ended up combining the two and the result actually tasted just fine. So then I thought, is there a difference between stock and broth? And if so, what’s the difference? I did my research and found out:

Stock is a liquid made from simmering in water ingredients like meat and/or vegetables, and often with herbs and spices. The ingredients are strained from the liquid, which is used as an ingredient for dishes like soups or risotto. Broth, however, is more like a soup. The liquid is simmered with meat and/or vegetables as well as herbs and spices like stock is, but the ingredients are kept in the liquid and not strained before use or consumption. Broth can be made with stock as the liquid component, but it can also be made with water.  Stock is usually the foundation or component of a dish, whereas broth can be eaten as a dish.

Got any other tidbits about stock or both to add? Am I completely wrong about stock and broth, thus proving how much of a noob I still am in the kitchen?? Let me know in the comments section!

Edit: Lubos from brought up a good question that helped me clarify this even further – stock is made from both meat and bones (or just bones) whereas broth is made from just meat. Bones have gelatin, which is what makes stock richer and fuller than broth.


3 Responses to “NosherNote: Stock vs. Broth”

  1. lubos November 3, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Hey, thank you for this write up! But I am still little bit confused 🙂 So when making sauces, would that be considered stock or broth? See for instance this rabbit recipe I made few weeks back: There you start by cooking the meat with carrots, parsley (the root) and onions. You then take the meat out, leaving behind the vegetables swimming in liquid. I guess this would be broth? You then strain the liquid out (the stock?) and blend the vegetables – with little bit of liquid – to make the sauce.


    • TheNoviceNosher November 3, 2010 at 4:19 pm #

      Hi Lubos! Thanks so much! First off, I checked out your recipe, which looks delicious. As for your question, if you really wanted to be nitpicky about it, I would say the liquid you made for your recipe would technically be a broth, because you didn’t use the rabbit bones. I find that the easiest way most people differentiate a stock from a broth is the inclusion of bones. Hope that helps!


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