NosherNote: My favorite health and wellness resources

10 Nov

I often refer to a good handful of resources when it comes to finding healthy recipes and learning about ways to enhance my fitness. I’ve learnt that although having a few healthy recipes on hand and knowing some exercises helps, a recycled routine can become monotonous, thus making it easier to fall back into making wrong food choices and getting lazy. These few sites and publications are just my favorites, hopefully you’ll show them some love too. But I encourage those of you out there looking to enhance your diet and fitness routine to actively search for sites and blogs that you can really connect to.

Bookmarked Blogs and Websites

  • Nutrition to Kitchen: Written by a licensed dietitian, this blog features tons of healthy recipes and healthy alternatives to recipes everyone knows and loves.
  • Oh She Glows: Angela is a foodie who has also struggled with weight and eating issues (so I can definitely relate to her), but has now found ease in a vegan lifestyle. She features great vegan recipes with lovely photos.
  • Jamie Oliver: I’m a huge fan of him and his Food Revolution. Definitely check out his efforts to make school food more nutritious. And of course, he’s a chef – his site is chock-full of recipes, many of which are healthy and/or quick and easy.

Associations (They provide lots of useful health and wellness information)

  • American Heart Association: AHA gives professional advice on health and wellness and includes information on what you can eat that’s good for your heart.
  • Everyday Choices: A branch of the AHA – this site can help you look into your current health and provides tips on how to make better choices to improve it.
  • CDC: They don’t just exist to help get rid of crazy diseases like bird flu. The CDC’s website actually provides a lot of useful (and official) information on health and wellness that’s a good stepping stone to helping you achieve and maintain good health.


  • Self: As I mentioned earlier, I started receiving a subscription to Self and I really enjoy the fitness tips and healthy recipes that they provide. They often include punch out cards that you can take with you to the gym to help guide your workout.
  • Women’s Health: I don’t have a subscription (although I probably should) but it’s usually one of the magazines I usually pick up at Barnes & Noble or the grocery store (besides fashion magazines :P). It’s nicely designed and also features tons of great workout tips, recipes, and reviews on workout gear.


  • Exercise TV: I get Exercise TV videos with Comcast On Demand, but they have tons of videos available for free or with a small charge. Great for if you need to change up your ab routine or looking for new maneuvers with weights.

Also, please keep in mind that what I write in this blog (and what others write in theirs) is generally my opinion and my thoughts on what has worked for me. Please do not take what I say as professional advice. Definitely pursue healthy habits that are echoed by everyone, like eating enough fruits and vegetables and getting exercise. Try what works best for you and makes you feel healthiest.

If you want your eating and exercise regimens specifically tailored to fit you, I highly encourage consulting a professional nutritionist, a trainer and/or your doctor. My parents put me in dance class at an early age and in high school my father (who’s a doctor) advised me to go jogging to get exercise when I had stopped dancing regularly. So my body is capable of sustaining high-impact workouts. But you may need to do something different, depending on whether you have any special conditions and what your current fitness level is.


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