Guest Post: Winobee’s Budget Bubblies

27 Dec

So Christmas is over (*tear*). But in 5 days, we’ll be ringing in a new year, which means another round of eating, drinking and being merry! But I know the merriment doesn’t come around for those of us who are doing the entertaining this year, at least not until that 3rd glass of champagne (*ahem*). Throwing a party can be stressful and expensive. But there are ways to lighten the load, both by saving money and keeping some stress off your shoulders.

Later this week I’ll show you some easy and inexpensive appetizers to offer at your party.  But In the first of this week’s New Year’s posts, and the first ever guest post on The Novice Nosher, I’d like to introduce you to Stacy DeFino of Winobee, an established, informative and fun blog centered around the world of wine. She’s got a handful of suggestions for inexpensive champagnes that you can serve at your soiree:


Let’s be honest, the lingering question of what to sip at midnight leaves many of us notoriously reaching for the finest of French bubbly simply for the fact its “tradition.” But enjoying the holiday hoopla in style doesn’t mean having to break the bank (I mean, aren’t many of our resolutions to “save” in the new year?)  Check out some fun, flirty and frugal suggestions from WinoBee!

New Years Budget Bubblies

Verdi Spumante: Best value wine offering a delicious sparkle and zest accompanied by a soft, fruit-forward flavor.

Cost: $4.99/bottle

Where to Buy: BevMo

Mionetto “Il” Prosecco: Combines notes of citrus, pear and floral with a light effervescence that doesn’t overpower the palate. Simply sip as-is or whip up a cocktail using vodka, triple sec and pineapple juice. You’ll love the versatility!

Cost: $9/bottle

Where To Buy:

Pommery POP: Unravel the bubbles of this uncomplicated champagne in a perfect, party-portable size. These 187mL bottles are great for individual consumption (who wants to share anyway?) Simply pack a few in your cooler, grab a straw and bypass the flutes!

Cost: $9.99/bottle

Where to Buy: 67Wine

Banfi Rosa Regale: Softer than champagne, this light wine is made of brachetto and blends rose and raspberry aroma notes with a sweet, appealing touch of berry on the palate. It’s a perfect option to bypass dessert for at your dinner party or to toast with at midnight!

Cost: $19.99/bottle
Where To Buy: BevMo

Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad Brut Cava: This brut cava adds elegance to any soiree. It’s thick Absinthe-green glass and emblazoned solid pewter crest is enough to catch the eye, but the blend of Macabeo, Parellada and Zarello grapes within offer a satisfying fruit intensity and perfumed bouquet.
Cost: $23/bottle
Where to Buy:


We’re an up and coming blog (a site face lift is currently in the works due to the growth) who believes that good wine is often the sign of an even better evening. Our aim is to make wine enlightening rather than intimidating by providing a fun, flirty approach to winos of all levels. Our work has been featured on and


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