A slow start on the new year

3 Jan

Happy New Year my friends!

I completely did not anticipate having zero time in the remainder of my holiday vacation for writing and posting photos. So I apologize in the delay of putting up New Year’s entertaining posts, but my access to internet was erratic throughout second leg of vacay, which I spent in California. I’m actually currently writing this bleary-eyed and only about 75% conscious, having taken a red-eye from San Francisco back to DC early this morning. But I do have some things to talk about:

1) You’ll be hearing a lot more from Winobee: Stacy at Winobee and I first teamed up to give you a rundown of budget champagnes to pop for the new year. Well, we’ve teamed up again to do “Pairing Party Mondays,” where I present an easy recipe to serve whenever you’re entertaining guests, and she pairs a wine to go along with it. We’ve already gotten a head start with Prosciutto-wrapped pears, and our next installment comes later today. Check them out here or on Winobee. And of course if you do any of our pairings, I’d love to know how they turn out for you.

2) I’ve replaced sightseeing with eating: It’s pretty much all I did throughout my stay in the Bay Area for the past 4 days. I’ve probably gained 5 pounds, but the food was worth it. Expect foodcation posts soon.

3) I’m officially obsessed with bakeries: In the Bay Area, I visited Bakesale Betty, Bouchon Bakery, Sweetie Pies, Tartine, Dynamo Donuts, and Miette, and tried at least one thing from each. Plus, I have more goods sitting and waiting to be unpacked and eaten at home.

4) Orlando’s restaurant scene is starting to come into it’s own: Which I didn’t take much advantage of, because I spent half my time there eating Filipino leftovers. But I did try a new place and I’ve been hearing great things.

All of this will make more sense after I stop feeling (and looking) like one of those zombies in “The Walking Dead.” No brain eating, but I don’t feel all human at the moment. Meanwhile, check out Winobee, tell me how your new year is going so far, and stay tuned. 🙂


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