A few Nosher noms…

19 Jan

You know how I am with baked goods. We go way back. Ted’s Bulletin is also getting nostalgic on us by serving pop tarts, which are like artisanal versions of the ones we used to eat in our childhood. Except these don’t come wrapped in crinkly silver bags and are much, much fresher. And probably better for you too.

I actually attempted to make these myself at home. There was quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Ok, maybe not blood but definitely a lot of elbow grease and unbridled frustration. That I will tell you all about on Friday.

I have this goal to try every single food truck in DC at least once. Which really isn’t a lofty goal because there aren’t a lot of them (maybe about 20 tops? I haven’t actually bothered to count). I’m just loving this whole food truck movement and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s here to stay. And judging from the scene in cities like New York and LA, I don’t have anything to worry about. DC is too competitive to let something good like this fall by the wayside.

And as much as I love baked goods, I love macaroni and cheese (maybe I just love carbs in general). So when I heard that a food truck named CapMac, which specializes in mac & cheese, was coming onto the scene, I was so stoked. I finally got to try it on a frigid Sunday while running errands in Eastern Market. It’s definitely cheesy, a little spicy because they use pimento cheese along with cheddar. AND it’s topped with crushed Cheez-its, which I don’t actually like to eat on their own but they work really well in this.

Also on the food truck scene is Takorean, DC’s own Korean taco truck. I tried a sampler of their 3 taco offerings (beef, chicken, and tofu). Surprisingly, I loved the tofu the most. It’s been marinated in a hoisin sauce, so it has this great sweet-tangy taste to it. The kimchi/cabbage/slaw that you can get on top are all delicious (although I wouldn’t have minded if my kimchi was spicier).

I had this huge stash of chocolate during the holidays, and I brought it home to Orlando to try and get the rest of my family to finish it off. Total success. I’m convinced chocoholism is hereditary. Which is good for Seasonal Pantry, because they can easily sell their absolutely delicious confections to suckers like me who will never stop eating chocolate in any form, mixed with any other ingredient. I wrote about the guys behind Seasonal Pantry back in December, actually; their story is ongoing and I’m still anticipating the opening of their local sandwich shop. But for now, their food is available though their food clubs, which you can sign up for on their site.


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