Pairing Party Monday: Crab & Avocado Rolls

24 Jan

Pairing Party Mondays continues again! This app is actually super, super easy and I wish it was my own idea, honestly. But the impeccable Nigella Lawson actually whipped this up on her show and I immediately thought that it would be great for Winobee to find a wine that would go well with it.

I actually adjusted the recipe a bit – I added more mayo to make the crab mixture more creamy and to cut some of the spiciness from the wasabi paste. I also used whole wheat tortilla wraps to make these even healthier than Nigella’s version. (Whole grain would also be very healthy, but they’re not as flexible as whole wheat). Also, if you don’t have any wasabi paste lying around, simply substitute with Dijon mustard.

Another great thing about these rolls is that they don’t have to be just party finger-foods; a full crab and avocado wrap would make a delicious (and quick and healthy) lunch.

Check out the recipe and Stacy’s suggestion for a wine pairing over at!


2 Responses to “Pairing Party Monday: Crab & Avocado Rolls”

  1. Lhey Bella January 27, 2011 at 4:41 am #

    Oooooh this looks so yum yum! Perfect with white wine! I’ll try this one! :))

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