When being bad tastes good

11 Feb

Can I interest you in some…food porn? (*Bow chika wow wow*)

The photos in this post remind me of the ones Cobrasnake takes of Olsen sisters at random booze-and-drug-fueled parties in LA. Equally bad has been my eating habits this week, gone by the wayside with the excuse that “it’s my birthday, darnit!”

The highlight of my week was Wednesday, when I celebrated my 27th with dinner at Founding Farmers. FF, as I like to refer to the restaurant, is one of my favorite spots in DC. I’m not really sure why I haven’t talked about it before. Maybe I wanted to keep the place all to myself. But that didn’t really work since the place is uber-popular (for good reason). I don’t really have much to critique on here – I’ve always enjoyed the food, and even when I try to branch out from my usuals (i.e. their version of chicken and waffles), I’m not disappointed.

This time around, I started with a wedge of cornbread, which was fluffy, just a touch sweet with whole kernels of corn, nicely browned and crisp on top. For my entree, I had their lobster macaroni and cheese – there’s no way I couldn’t have my favorite food in the world (other than chocolate) on my birthday. They make theirs really cheesy and creamy, with big rigatoni noodles, topped with toasted crumbs and a hunk of lobster with a side of toasted bread and a lime half. Lobster, cheese and pasta…I’m not sure of many dishes that get worse than that, but what other occasion than a birthday to let myself eat it?

Add to that a giant bowl of decadent chocolate mousse, which I felt would be a worthy replacement of the usual birthday cake. Candles, or not, it ended the meal nicely, even if it rounded out my dairy-covered dinner with a more dairy-centric dessert. It’s creamy, rich, chocolatey (of course), topped with whipped cream, caramel, and little chocolate crunchies. The serving size itself, really is large (as evidenced by my posing with it near my head). We ordered 2 bowls for a party of 12 and we still didn’t polish both off. Although I got pretty close to doing so myself. Hey, you only turn 27 once!


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