Dear readers…

22 Feb

…I promise I have not abandoned this blog, and therefore abandoned you. All 5 of you. 😛

I’ve gotten REALLY FRIGGIN’ BUSY within the past 2 months; even my friends are constantly ribbing me for going all AWOL on them and no longer being cool. (Who are we kidding, I was never cool!) Plus, homegirl needs some sleep in between all the busy-ness, otherwise you’d be reading posts like this:

Bldahaosihtgoinrg. o9wueotghgoirg. Nom nom. owei9ruowigign. Nomz again.

And seeing “photos” like this:

My design classes are totally going to good use...

Clearly that’s me, um, 100 pounds heavier, ready to devour a giant burger. (I know, this has WTF written all over it).

I was also away for the weekend, with limited access to wi-fi, so my technical capabilities were cut short for a bit. But I promise you, I have delicious posts to come! I just need to get my life sorted out a bit first.

I hope you understand. If you’re reading this, thanks for still sticking around. 🙂

Much love,

The Novice Nosher


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