Mail order goodies

28 Feb

Have you guys heard of Foodzie? I don’t even remember how I heard of Foodzie, actually. This isn’t any sort of paid for or solicited plug; I just love this site and what they stand for, which is supporting local food producers and opening consumers’ worlds to the deliciousness that small food businesses have to offer. (I’m the daughter of a man who immigrated to the U.S. and built his very successful small business from the ground up, so I’m all about helping the “little guys” out.)

One of the cool things about Foodzie is that they offer “Tasting Boxes” every month: you receive a small box of samples from their current favorite companies. Like a flavor of the month, so to speak. It’s an opportunity to try products and flavors that folks might not normally buy. Plus it introduces consumers to the small companies that may not have a big marketing voice. I, for one, would not normally think to buy granola bars from a random company in Washington State, but the February tasting box included these awesome Almond Chocolate bars from Olympic Granola. So now I’m trying to find a place in my disposable income budget to get my hands on more tasty granola bars.

I like the locavore movement, and I definitely agree that some of the best foods can be found within your own zip code. But sometimes, ‘local’ includes reaching across the country for a great food product, and I don’t see anything wrong about that, especially if it’s for food that is made with wholesome ingredients. The nice thing is that we’ve got the technology – and sites like Foodzie – to do the reaching for us.


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