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25 Mar

Before I picked up a camera for this blog, I had worked with video cameras in college and throughout my career. So creating videos for The Novice Nosher had always been in the back of my head. Not an easy task though, at least for me – not only is video much more time-intensive than photo, but I feel like I’m rusty in terms of knowing how to frame a shot properly, or how to achieve the best depth of field, making sure the color looks right, etc.

Posted below is the first of what I hope is many more videos on the topics – particularly food-related – that fascinate me.

Dan O’Brien, chef and product creator of Seasonal Pantry and the soon-to-open SUNdeVICH, suggested hosting an underground dinner in his own home for me and 5 other friends.  Of course I had to jump on it. He’s like my homie. 😛 Really, though, I’ve tasted Seasonal Pantry products and we’ve talked a lot about the food world and food itself, including the food he makes. And the food he wants to make.

See, I’m fascinated by people – especially in the gastronomic world – who are incredibly passionate about what they do for a living. When their work stops being about money and is just about the sheer joy of being able to do a particular craft every day, that is what I like to see and hear. I grew up seeing this in and hearing this from my dad, a cardiologist who thrives on saving lives and making people feel better. I see it in the choreographers I learn from, who teach dance and run troupes and still get incredibly excited when a bunch of amateur dancers complete a simple 8-count they created. I see it and hear it in food makers/producers/chefs like Dan.

I just wanted to capture that in action. Plus, everything looked really good. Eventually someone will have to invent taste-o-vision just so you guys could have a taste of everything as well. At least, if you live in the DC area, you can – Seasonal Pantry will be starting a supper club soon.


For a larger view:

By the way, if you want to see really excellent videos of food makers and producers doing what they love to do, check out my favorite food webcast, the James Beard award-nominated food.curated.

[FYI, I have no video of Dan making the ribs (totally want that recipe), because I was busy eating and talking. Whoops.]


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