Somethings new

18 May

I had a few changes in my morning routine today. I usually wake up at 6 a.m. to work out or run, otherwise I take rest days and sleep in until 7:45. Today, however, instead of sleeping in I actually got out of bed at 6:45 and got started on the day. I actually managed to fit in laundry and finishing a design project, in addition to my usual routine of making coffee, debating outfit choices, showering, changing, eating breakfast and getting my lunch ready. Who knew you could get so much done when you decide not to sleep in?!?

I even had time to read! I downloaded and scrolled through the latest digital issue of Elle. And for something else different, I popped open a new treat that I received in my May Foodzie tasting box – almond biscotti, from the Bari company in California.

The biscotti turned out to be a delicious addition to my breakfast; I loved the strong almond flavor and the bits of almond nut embedded in the cookie. Combined with my coffee from The Coffee Bean (gifted from my friend Lindsey after her recent Cali trip), it all made for a very pleasant and California-laid back morning. Which was just what I needed: a break from the usual hectic routine, and a reason to convince me to ignore my will to sleep in and make 6a.m. wake-ups a daily thing.

I realize I’m actually posting the day after another post. I’m trying to also make this a routine. 🙂

**My thoughts on Bari’s biscotti are totally my own, and not solicited.

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