My bakery obsession followed me to Orlando.

2 Jun

Hi again…:)

Yes, I know how long it’s been since I last posted, even though I’ve been back from Orlando for a week. Having a full-time job, plus side projects, plus family visiting, tends to shrink my free time. These Orlando posts have been a long time coming, so I apologize for that.

First off, Happy Running Day! I know it’s pretty late in the day (at least on the East Coast), but I consider myself a novice runner as well as a novice nosher/cook, so it’s only fitting that I wish everyone a happy running day.

Second, I give you one reason, of many, why I run: so I can eat baked goods like this without feeling (too) guilty after:

Oh yeah. This is Blue Bird Bakeshop‘s “Tuxedo” cupcake: a rich, chocolate cake with thick cream cheese frosting and mini chocolate chips. This was a good, solid cupcake. Not the best cupcake I ever had (that honor still goes to Baked & Wired), but this was well made.

One of my BFF’s Faye, whom I went to high school with in Orlando and have stayed friends with since then, introduced me to this place. We had stopped by this small strip mall in the Winter Park neighborhood to eat at Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux (which I’ll tell you about in my next post). Turns out, the cutest little bakery in Orlando, which she had discovered recently, was in the same strip mall.

Seriously, this place is tiny, but it’s adorable. They use all kinds of different, vintage-looking places and cups and they have a small table of obscure candy and gum you can buy.

This was The Bf’s “Sweet cake,” with vanilla buttercream and white sprinkles. Again, a good, solid cupcake with a fluffy cake and creamy, sweet-but-not-too-sweet frosting.

That thing to the left of the photo, which I unfortunately failed to snap a better photo of, is one of Blue Bird’s salted caramel brownies. That, my friends, took the cake (pun intended). The brownie was big – a relatively large disc of a brownie – with gooey caramel baked inside and I’m pretty sure that’s Fleur de Sel or some kind of fancy salt on top. It was just a really wonderful brownie, perfectly fudgy and thick and all.

It’s probably a good thing Blue Bird wasn’t around when I was growing up in Orlando because I would’ve made this a daily stop, and I would’ve been chubbier than I already was back in the day. But it’s great to see and hear about new small businesses popping up lately in a land that’s inundated with chains. Even the food truck trend has reached Orlando – while looking up lunch options, quite a few highly rated trucks popped up in my search. This is the hidden face of Orlando that I wanted to at least get a taste of, because I know there are a lot of very new but promising local restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. Blue Bird is one I’ll definitely come back to on my next visit.


2 Responses to “My bakery obsession followed me to Orlando.”

  1. Jenny June 2, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    That tuxedo cupcake looks delicious. The creme frosting looks amazing. 🙂

  2. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide June 3, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux is probably the best name I’ve heard for a restaurant.

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