Not that kind of “biker” joint.

3 Jun

I don’t know what it is about this week, but I am tired! And it’s not even Friday evening yet. I’m looking forward to the weekend, which I wish was another 3-day one, because everyone seems to be throwing plans into the open, left and right. There’s a big food truck gathering tonight that looks tempting (though I’m weary about massive crowds after 5pm). I’m also running a 5k tomorrow and am hoping to try a new restaurant at some point during the weekend.

I did get a chance to try DC’s new (and only as far as I know) ramen joint, Toki Underground. I had some time to kill before a late gathering with friends in the Atlas district, so I decided to hit up Toki for a solo dinner. Toki is small, with very limited seating, but the food was very affordable and absolutely delicious. I’m hoping to come back and take some legit photos at some point but here’s a look (via my iPhone) at the Miso ramen I had last night:

That ain’t your typical dorm-approved, microwaveable ramen, folks.

I know this is jumping my timeline backwards, but I did want to tell you guys about Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux in Orlando, FL. I had wanted to take The Bf to The Ravenous Pig, which has been lauded by many a blogger and Yelper alike, but lunchtime was pushed into the 1pm hour and with the 30-minute drive to downtown, we wouldn’t have gotten there in time. So I opted for another highly-rated spot in Winter Park, Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux. Upon reading the name of the place, though, I assumed that this was some sort of fancified biker bar. Turns out the “Bikes” part of their name refers to bicycles. Much less intimidating.

Yet again, another cute spot in Winter Park. I guess you could say Winter Park is the Brooklyn of Orlando: more local & mom-and-pop cafes with unique concepts and really great food occupy space here than do Olive Gardens and McDonald’s. Obviously I like this area a bit more then my own neighborhood.

B3 does lunchtime foods well. I can’t vouch for their salads because I didn’t have one, but I really enjoyed my soup and sandwich combo:  The Messenger sandwich, plus a bowl of corn bisque. The Messenger has red apple, red onion, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard, and I added sliced turkey for a little extra, all on wheat and hot-pressed. Sure it’s a super simple, but I wouldn’t have thought of apple and onion and cheese as a delicious combo. It was. Dipped into the bisque, which was creamy yet chunky and had a distinct curry tang in it, the sandwich tasted even better.

And yes, you get a little bag of jelly beans on the side! Plus chips and a pickle or carrot sticks (I went with chips & a pickle – I looove pickles).

I liked the concept of this cafe. I didn’t really experience any of the Beans or Bordeaux part, as it was too late for coffee and too early for wine. But including both along with a wide variety of food choices is a cool idea, as well as tying it all together with the cycling theme. They played video of past cycling races on a flatscreen tv and the staff wears those caps that cyclists often wear (I have no idea what the actual term for those are). Plus, all the dishes are named with some sort of connection to bicycles and cycling. Never mind that I haven’t sat on a bike in probably over a year. I’d come back to B3.

Now if someone would just open up a restaurant with a running+coffee+baked goods concept…


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