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Brunchin’ it

1 Jul

Happy Friday! And Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends, eh? 

Everyone’s stoked for the weekend. Those who aren’t going off to somewhere else for the holiday and sticking around here in the grand ol’ nations capitol probably have plans for grilling, barbeque-ing, drinking, fireworks-watching…or all of the above, which is what I have to look forward to. I consider myself super lucky this weekend because the higher-ups decided to close the office for the 5th as well. Which means 4 DAY WEEKEND. Yeeehawww.

I am definitely looking forward to spending time with my local homies, or my crew, or as we call ourselves, “Team DMV”. We all live in different parts of DC, Maryland and Virginia, thus DMV. Our group consists of twenty-somethings from around the US, including Washington State, California, Kansas, Arizona…but a huge chunk of us are ex-Florida residents. Somehow all of the young adults in Florida decided to move to DC after graduation. Or so it seems. I have a lot of Orlando/UF/Floridian friends here, which I’m super grateful for because it made moving here and making friends way easier than what I know most people experience.

Anyways, some of Team DMV and I visited Birch and Barley in Logan Circle for brunch recently and I’ve been meaning to write about it, because it was quite wonderful. The only negative to our experience was that we had to wait 30 minutes for our table, despite having a reservation (there was another party lingering beforehand at the table they were giving us). The folks at B&B were very accommodating, however, and offered us free flatbreads and doughnuts when we finally got to sit at our table. I was kind of surprised, actually. I really don’t remember the last time I experienced service like that when I had to wait for a reserved table. (That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?)

The food itself was phenomenal. We were treated to a chicken souvlaki flatbread, a buffalo chicken flatbread, and 2 plates of donuts: toffee bacon, lemon-poppy seed and a small donut hole glazed in bittersweet chocolate. Both flatbreads were full of flavor; I really liked how the buffalo chicken reminded me of chicken wings and celery with ranch. The chicken souvlaki had a great Mediterranean flavor to it with the hummus and tzatziki.


The toffee bacon donut was just as decadent as it’s name sounds, especially as it was still warm from the kitchen: a little sticky, but thick, sweet and salty and probably the best donut I’ve had so far on this cost of the U.S. I loved the lightness of the lemon-poppy seed, which had a good balance of both flavors. I enjoyed my tiny half of the chocolate-dipped donut hole. I mean, it’s fried dough dipped in chocolate. You know that’s always good. 😛

I had the huevos rancheros as my main, which was presented in a sort of deconstructed way, with a pepper jack cheese and avocado omelet, pupusas, and poblano sausage, with a side of sour cream. Taking a little bit of everything at once onto the fork and eating that as a whole bite created that typical huevos rancheros taste, but even everything separate was delicious.

I tried a little bit of almost everyone else’s dishes (some of us had the same ones), and everything was equally rich and bold and filling. In terms of portion sizes, you certainly get your money’s worth here (I had a huge food baby belly after).

Ahh-mazing chicken and waffles, which I almost got. The chicken, by the way, must have been seasoned with crack, it was so delicious. (And no, that’s not crack sprinkled on top, that’s powdered sugar).

“Dinosaur Ed wants chicken and waffles, rawr!” I wonder if Jen ever realized he was making this face. Ed’s fried egg sandwich, by the way, was the most gut-busting sandwich I’ve ever tasted, because it had both fried egg AND pork belly on a thick pretzel roll. Yes, I’ll take that heart attack with a side of hash browns, please.

I hope my friends don’t kick me out of the crew for including our group photos. I love these guys, and besides, we make a good looking bunch of young’uns:

Already looking forward to the next Adventures of Team DMV this weekend…